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Bumbusi is open all year-around with each season offering a unique experience.

Winter: May – September (Dry season)
During winter months it’s still warm during the day but the temperature drops dramatically in the evenings and early mornings, so come prepared with warm clothes. This is a spectacular time of year for game viewing, especially if you’re after large herds of elephant that come into camp to drink daily.

Summer: (October – April)
This is a very hot time to visit Bumbusi but there is always the chance of some cooling afternoon rain showers. The vegetation is lush and beautiful at this time of year, however thick vegetation does make game viewing a bit trickier. Because there is more water available, elephants spread themselves out over larger areas and don’t concentrate around our camp in the same numbers as they do in winter months. This is the most popular time of year for bird-viewing!

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