Sighting Highlights

See our montly highlights below courtesy of the Camp Manager, Terry.

Sighting Highlights: July 2021

July 2021: July was an incredible month of game viewing with our guests being able to witness some incredible wildlife sightings. Some of the ones worth a mention were a young male lion, roaring under the crescent moon as the sun set. The other was a Cheetah who had just taken down a full grown Impala ram.It’s not always about the predators, the bird sightings and photographic opportunities have also been up there.

Date: July 2021

Bumbusi’s new ‘tenants’

“There is a new pride on the block (spotted with very full bellies)! Hopefully the scent marking means that they are here to stay for a while…” 

Eternal Enemies

“We were admiring a herd of elephants when we noticed two male lions walking down the road. What seemed like a slow amble for the pair suddenly erupted into chaos! One of the males lowered himself into a crouch before he suddenly took off, charging down the riverbank into the thicket. As the dust and commotion had settled, we witnessed the unexpected. The lion had his jaws clenched around a merciless, spotted hyena. the brothers did not feed on the hyena, but left the carcass – a symbol of an Iconic rivalry between two of Hwange’s apex predators.”

Lion Pride seen on our morning’s drive

Incredible Lion sightings from a morning’s game drive”

Pack of Wild Dog

 Seen mid-morning on his way to do the camp’s weekly supply run, Terry spotted these 6 wild dog!

“Who visited the carcass?”

June 2020: “Not far from where the found the mating leopards, we found the carcass of a kudu cow which had been killed during the night. As it was right in front of camp, we decided to put up the camera trap to see who visited the carcass…. After 38 hours this was the footage we got!” –

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Leopard Silhouette

“I have driven past this particular tree many times before, and despite its grandeur there was always something missing. It was the perfect place for Hwanges most elusive cats. Today was one of those moments when you are lucky enough to witness an animal that is so special to watch and just as spectacular on canvas”

Our weekly camp visitors

No need to venture outside fo camp for this sighting… in the drier months the ellies can often be seen drinking from the camp swimming pool

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