Things to do and see

at Bumbusi

As our guests you will have the freedom to feel right at home and tailor-make your stay to your own preferences, while our experienced safari guide and friendly staff will be ready at all times to attend to your needs and make sure your stay is both adventurous and relaxing. There are, of course, some Bumbusi activities that should not be missed…

A walking safari

A walking safari at Bumbusi is one of the most exciting, truly memorable ways to intimately explore and really appreciate all the nuances of the area – the smells of wild lavender and fresh elephant dung, the interesting tracks and sounds of animals and birds, or simply the mesmerizing essence of raw, unfiltered Africa.

A variety of walks are possible and can be tailored to suit your group’s fitness level, varying from a few hours to a whole day out with a packed lunch. Highlights include hiking through the Gorge, seeing the beautiful Deka River, looking for the notoriously large crocodiles at Bera Pools and marveling at the ancient remains of a forest preserved in petrified wood. And don’t worry; you’re in good hands with one of our experienced trackers/walking guides who have spent many hours on foot close to wild animals and will make sure you are safe at all times.

Game Drives

Early morning and late afternoon game drives provide the perfect opportunity to explore the vasts tracts of wilderness and interesting terrain in the Bumbusi area. Our game drives are conducted in comfortable open Land Cruisers accommodating a maximum of six guests and are usually about three hours long, with stops for tea and sundowners.

Game viewing can vary dramatically from season to season but you are likely to spot a variety of plains game like impala, zebra, giraffe and kudu antelope and herds of elephant and buffalo. Lions, hyenas and leopards are heard frequently from the camp during the evenings but are still quite shy in the area, although there is always a chance of spotting one of these exciting predators.

Bumbusi is a pleasure for bird lovers who will never be short of a new feathered attraction to photograph or add to their list.

Tip: Don’t forget to take a photo at our famous “Holey tree”!

Sundowners on Sunset Rocks

Every Bumbusi sunset is an occasion worth celebrating in style! Sundowners at Bumbusi has become an almost sacred tradition that no evening is quite the same without. Sipping gin and tonics and snacking on biltong and roasted peanuts is better than ever when you’re perched upon magnificent rock formations shared with ancient baobab trees, surrounded by the laughter of family and friends. The sunset colors are magnificent, an unforgettable experience!

Tour of the Bumbusi Ruins (Bumbusi National Monument) and Rock Engravings

With its abundance of fresh water and incredible rock shelters, the Bumbusi area has attracted human interest for thousands of years and has a rich anthropological history.

The earliest sign of human life at Bumbusi comes in the form of rock engravings – or petroglyphs – engraved into the sandstone walls by San hunter-gatherers. There are eight separate rock shelters where these engravings can be seen but the two most impressive sites are Impala Rock shelter which has 192 recorded engravings and the Bumbusi Cave which has 187 engravings on its walls and another 17 on its roof structure.

The carvings are mostly of animal spoor – kudu, impala wildebeest, zebra, waterbuck, sable, eland, giraffe, buffalo, black rhinoceros and even the extinct quagga. There are also some very distinct human footprints to discover.

Then there is the Bumbusi National Monument, the ruins of a small ancient settlement built in the same style as the famous Great Zimbabwe dating back to the 18th and 19th century. As you walk around, you will notice little cavities carved into the rocks, where inhabitants once played the well-known Zimbabwean game, Tsoro.

During your tour of the ruins your guide will tell you the story of Zanke, the son of the great chief Mambo, who fled after his father was killed by the Nguni clan and came to Bumbusi. “Zanke’s kraal”, a small fortress, still exists on one of the highest points of the rocky outcrop. A guided walk around this dramatic and fascinating historic site is an incredible way to spend an afternoon at Bumbusi.

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